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Welcome to The Perry Historians.  The Perry Historians is located at the former Airy View School at the Dix Hill Road and Route 34 intersection between New Bloomfield and Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania.  We have been incorporated since 1976 and are the premiere site for Perry County historical and genealogical information. 

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Genealogical History of Perry County

 As life is the interaction between people, one with another and their surroundings, so history is the record of these interactions.  In both life and historical study, PEOPLE are the basic ingredient. PEOPLE therefore, are the basis from which The Perry Historians approach the history of Perry County.  We call this concept Genealogical History because it is the history of a certain area as revealed through a thorough study of the individuals and families of that area and their interactions.  Through this approach history takes on a very important PERSONAL value for each individual because he/she is learning about the past through the involvements of his/her own ancestors. The serious genealogical historian will not be satisfied to merely learn the names and dates of birth, marriage, and death of his/her ancestors but will endeavor to construct an understanding of the personality and lifestyle of those ancestors.

Did he fight for American Independence in 1776 or remain a Loyalist?  Were they active in the life of the church and community?  What were their occupations?  Did they live in a log, frame, stone or brick house?  When we learn the answers to these questions the buildings, people, and locations in Perry County and the whole world take on a special importance and receive the respect due them and the genealogical historian gains a valuable awareness of the contributions of his/her ancestors to the advancement of civilization.

To the statement that “The past is dead” or “History is bunk” we strongly reply that the present and the future are determined by the decisions, actions, and mistakes of past generations. The past is the foundation of the present and future and a thorough understanding of the past is essential to know who and what we are and why we are situated in life as we are.  Consider the sacrifices our own parents may have made so that we could have a college education and try visualize the trauma our immigrant ancestors endured on coming to a wilderness from the civilizations of Europe. They can be ascertained only through a thorough study of the past lives of individual families.  For the enrichment of yourself and your descendants, learn something of your own roots.  Do not be afraid of “skeletons in the closet”. Everyone is human and it adds color to the story.

 The Perry Historians is a volunteer organization concerned with the heritage of Perry County as revealed through the lives of individuals and families.We are actively preserving and organizing the source materials and representative artifacts relative to the Genealogical History of Perry County and adjacent areas.We have restored a brick country schoolhouse and erected a concrete vault to house and use our holdings.We have added a two-story addition as well as recently added, through gracious donations and grants, an environmentally controlled repository and are currently in the process of creating a display room and museum to hold and expand our accessions.In addition to our own collection, we hold the collection of the late Harry W. Lenig for whom the library is named, Ardella Ebersole, Louella Sweigert and others.Your participation through a membership will allow us to continue our many projects of procuring and preserving the records and artifacts of our heritage and providing safe and proper housing for them so they will be available to this and many future generations.

Special Events: 


March 2 - Beginner's Genealogy Workshop at the Lenig Library 9-5

April 6 - "On the Trail of Perry County History" Bus Tour - Millerstown,                 Liverpool & points between

April 13- Advanced Genealogical Workshop at the Lenig Library 9-5

April 20 - Chicken BBQ at the library and on Bloomfield square

May 15 - Annual Meeting of the Perry Historians at the Lenig Library

Sept. 18  - Perry County Chamber of Commerce event hosted by The Perry Historians

Oct. 11, 12, & 13 - Apple Butter Boil at Sherman's Valley Heritage Days, Blain Fairgrounds

Oct. 19 & 20 - Apple Butter Boil at Little Buffalo State Park

Oct. 26 - Annual Turkey Dinner at the Landisburg Fire Hall

Dec. 7 - Annual Holiday Bazaar at the Harry Lenig Library - 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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$5.00 - Available at the Library and businesses county-wide 

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The Lenig Library (The Perry Historians) is located on the right hand side of Route 34 North, 2 miles from the square or New Bloomfield, or left hand side Route 34 South, 4 miles from Newport.

Physical street address is:  763 Dix Hill Rd. New Bloomfield, Pa 17068 Please note:  This is not our mailing address.

Mailing address:  PO Box 73, Newport, Pa 17074-0073

Scheduled Library Days: Wednesday, Saturday & as listed below

Members: FREE
Non-Members: $8.00 per day
Non-Member Students: Under 18 years, FREE and over 18, $8.00

Open Every Wednesday 9-8 except Thanksgiving Eve, the Wednesday before & after Christmas and major holidays (weather permitting) Tentative schedule, call to ensure the library is open before making a long trip!!!

Consult ABC27's SnowWatch or our Facebook page in the event of inclement weather!






26th (9 – 5)

23rd  (9 – 5)

9th  (9 – 5)

Beginner's Workshop

2nd ( 9 to 5)

20th (9 – 5)

Advanced Workshop

13th  (9-5)

6th Annual Tour





16th (9 – 5)

17th (9 – 5)

18th (9 – 5)

15th - Annual Meeting 5:00  p.m.

8th (9 – 5)

6th (9 – 5)

17th (9 – 5)





14th (9 – 5)

10th (9 – 5)

11th (9 – 5)

12th (9 – 5)

16th (9 – 5)

7th (9 – 5)

Holiday Bazaar

7th (10-4)

 It is highly suggested that if you need to call the library, that you only call on the days that they are Wednesday's and the above scheduled days. For other matters, please see the Contact List Below:

If you would like to request research from The Perry Historians (please see Research Guidelines), or make comments in general, please contact using U.S. Mail or email to one of the addresses below:


Library: (717) 582-4896 [on days open]

Jill Martin: (717) 789-3180

Arlene Warner: (717) 582-2221

Donna Heller Zinn


The Perry Historians receive no public funding and are totally dependent upon memberships in order to acquire and properly house the records of the families and history of the Perry County area. We invite you to participate with us in preserving the heritage of Perry County. We offer a professional research service on a purely volunteer basis. Term of Membership: Full annual memberships run from January 1 to December 31; you will receive all the newsletters and The Perry Review for that year. If you join on July 1 or later you may elect to pay one-half the dues rate for the class of membership you choose; you will receive half of the newsletters for that year and The Perry Review. If you join on October 1 or later you may elect to have your membership begin on January 1 of the following year. Be sure to indicate the year you are paying for on the front of the membership application form. Change of Address: Please notify us well in advance of address changes. Publications are sent by bulk mail, which is not forwarded nor returned.


Reduced research fees – see attached “Research Request guidelines”. Bi-Monthly newsletter – “The Airy View”, in which members may place free inquiries. “The Genealogical Exchange” – a listing of those Surnames/Subjects that you are researching. If you would like to participate, please make sure you list (up to 5) surnames or subjects on the lines under Surnames and Subjects section of the membership application. Also make sure you list your correct phone number and or e-mail address for contact purposes. List to be published in newsletter throughout the year. Reduced prices on special publications.

Please send a written request for a membership application to: The Perry Historians P.O. Box 73 Newport, PA 17074-0073

or open and print an application using the link below:

Membership Application - Click on the Membership Application link.

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