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Preservation- This page will  apprise readers of Perry County endangered historical sites, as well as acquisitions to the organization at the Harry Lenig Library!

Help Save the Mahanoy Union Chapel

Pictured is the Mahanoy Union Chapel in Miller Township, erected in 1890 by members of various congregations who lived in the area.  No records exist as to which denomination held the last service there or exactly when. 

In a state of disrepair for several decades, the building is in relatively good condition for it's age, but is desperately in need of some repairs.  Vandals have broken out several windows and the wooden trim and standing seam tin roof need to be painted just for starters. 

This building needs to be preserved!  It represents not only a unique style of architecture rarely seen in Perry County, but is one of the most historic buildings in Miller Township. The stonework is nearly perfect and is an excellent example of 19th century stone masonry. 

In the adjoining graveyard, rest dozens of the valley's former residents.  Members of the Yocum, Burd, Baker, Evans and Metzger families just to name a few.  While descendants of these families have cared for the graveyard over the years, a fund needs to be established to ensure this practice continues into the future. 

Please contact Harry Focht or Steve Metzger to discuss this project and how you can help to "Save The Chapel"


SAVED! On July 22, 2011, The Perry Historians acquired the Caroline Furnace Property by purchasing it at Sheriff Sale.  Now, the work begins.  All contributions and help is welcomed.

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