The Perry Historians

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Mission Statement:

The Perry Historians is a county-level, not for profit organization that has a mission to gather historical and genealogical information, to maintain said information and to make it available to interested persons.

Vision Statement:

o Remain committed as the major resource to the collecting, identifying, interpreting, preserving, maintaining and exhibiting Perry County historical and genealogical resources in the form of printed materials and records, genealogical artifacts and photographs.

o Commit to the automation and digitally capturing of the historical and genealogical assets available. Pursue the acquisition and creation of computer work stations which will be able to access a database of scanned and digitalized documents currently housed within our vast collection.

o Strive to promote educational opportunities connected with Perry County history through its display room, library and archives, living history programs, oral history projects, publication program, and historic sites. The Perry Historians will also encourage the preservation of materials, sites and buildings that are significant to the County's history but which do not fall under the control of The Perry Historians.

Policies (Click on link to view printable PDF versions)

Digital cameras and scanners are not permitted in the library or archives;  photocopies may be made by patrons or staff. 

Accession (Pending)

Copying and Internet Posting Policy (Pending)

Perry County Right To Know Policy  (Court House Records)

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