The Perry Historians

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By Harry A. Focht

The Perry Historians was founded in 1976 to fill two voids in the study of family and local history in the Perry County area:

      1.To provide a library where people could conduct serious research; prepare scholarly publications; and securely house such records. As early as 1974 a program was initiated to transcribe the tombstone inscriptions of Perry County (later expanded to all the counties surrounding Perry), copy the church records, and abstract the court records of both Perry and Cumberland Counties (the latter from 1755 to 1829). These were copied by hand and then typed. Until 1979 these records, plus at least 500 pounds of books were kept in the second floor apartment of one of the founders and hauled to PerryCounty every time we had a workshop. In November, 1977, I bought the AiryViewSchool which had been a residence for 20 + years. Following a year of work, the schoolhouse was dedicated again as an “institution of learning” in April, 1979.

     2.The second reason for founding The Perry Historians was to assure the continuation of the 50 years of research and the preservation of the many records collected by Harry W. Lenig. Several of the founders worked with and were taught by Mr. Lenig for 20 years and realized the value of his collection of family Bibles, church records, books, land survey drafts, taufscheine, and extensive correspondence. Due to ill health Mr. Lenig was not able to participate in many organizational work sessions. Upon Mr. Lenig’s death in July of 1978, the library was named in his honor.

The initial public meeting was held March 21, 1976, in the undercroft of the Episcopal Church of the Nativity in Newport. The following charter members signed Articles of Incorporation on April 11, 1976: Donald Baker, Annette Brown, Robert and Bessie Byrnes, Jerry Clouse, Harry Focht, John Hackenberger, Winifred Keiter, Lorna Leach, Harry Lenig, Michael Mumper, Ruth Reigle, Margaretta Sarver, Loman and Melissa Seitz, Marian Shade, Gladys Shughart, Andrea Snedaker, and Jeffrey Wright. Officers elected were: President – Harry Focht, Vice President – Jerry Clouse, Secretary – Andrea Snedaker, Treasurer – Jeffrey Wright. Starting in 1976 and continuing every year since a bi-monthly newsletter and annual publication, The Perry Review, and at least one local fundraising project has been held.


The Harry W. Lenig is comprised of the Lenig Files which consist of SURNAME file information (See surname listing) and Card Catalog information as well as extensive list of items that we currently house in the Library.  If you are interested in requesting research on any of the below listed Surnames, please see our Research Policy. (Research Policy)     


Aames, Abbott, Abel, Abele, Ables, Abraham, Abrams, Abraskoff, Achenbach, Achenbaugh, Achenson, Achey, Ackard, Acker, Ackerman, Ackley, Acri, Adair, Adamic, Adams, Adkins, Adlon, Adwood, Africa, Agaley, Agley, Agnew, Agney, Ahl, Ahler, Ahlers, Ahlers, Ahlf, Ahn, Ahrendt, Ahrent, Aiello, Ailabaugh, Ailbaugh, Ailman, Aims, Ainsworth, Aitken, Aker, Akre, Alaman, Alander, Albaugh, Albeck, Albert, Albo, Albrecht, Albright, Albrite, Aldinger, Aldrich, Aldridge, Alexander, Alkire, All, Allandar, Allander, Allbrite, Alld, Allebag, Alleman, Allemen, Allen, Allenbag, Alley, Allgyer, Allhouse, Allin, Allison, Allwein, Ally, Almeta, Alouise, Alpaugh, Alpright, Alsbaugh, Alsdorf, Alspach, Alspaugh, Alt, Altavilla, Alter, Althaus, Althouse, Altland, Alts, Altz, Alvarez, Alwine, Alwood, Aman, Amandt, Ambrose, Amend, Ament, Ames, Amey, Amick, Amig, Amigh, Ammann, Ammerman, Ammon, Ammond, Ammonds, Ammons Amole Amond Amons Amos Amoss Amrhein Amsden Amsler Amspacher Amspacker Amtower Anders Andersen Anderson Andes Andis Andos Andrae Andre Andrejack Andres Andress Andrews Andsell Angel Angeles Angell Angill Angle Angney Angstadt Ankaney Ankeney Ankney Ansel Ansell Anspach Anstaaett Anstat Anstdadt Anstead Anstine Anthony App Appel Apple Appleby Appleton Arbaugh Arbegast Arbogast Arbough Archambeau Archer Ard Arehart Arend Arends Arentz Argue Arlensky Arman Armant Armden Armenia Arment Armento Armitage Armold Armond Armour Armstrong Arndt Arnesen Arneson Arney Arnold Arnolt Arnsbarger Arnsberger Arnsparger Arter Arthur Artley Artman Artmen Ash Ashe Ashenfelder Ashenfelter Asher Ashley Ashly Ashman Ashner Ashton Ashway Askins Asper Atherton Atkins Atkinson Attick Attig Attwood Atwood Aubrey Aucher Auchmuty Aucker Aughe Aughenbaugh Aughey AuldAulenbach Aulenback Aullenbacker Aulman Ault Aumiller Aumon Aungst Aunspach Aurand Aurandt Aurant Aurrand Ausman Austin Auxt Aversole Avery Awkerman Awl Axe Axmacher Ayers Ayle


Babb Babish Bacher Bachman Bachtel Backenstoss Backer Backman Backus Bacom Bacon Bacorn Baddorf Bader Badet Badger Badgor Badjo Baehr Baer Baggesly Baggley Bagley Bagly Bagsley Bahn Bahner Bahney Bahre Bahrenburg Baier Baierle Bailer Bailey Bailor Bain Bair Baird Bairle Bairs Baitshell Baker Bakon Bakoon Baldwin Baler Balers Ball Ballent Ballinger Balmer Balsbaugh Balthaser Balton Baltosser Baltozer Bamberger Bamgartner Banding Banell Bankaster Bankers Bankert Bankler Banks Bankus Banta Banthoffer Barbar Barbartta Barber Barbera Barbour Barbrush Barchet Barchuk Barckley Barcly Bard Bardall Bardeen Bardell Barden Bardet Bardin Bardine Barditt Bardon Bare Baren Barge Barger Bargley Bargo Baric Barilla Barkelay Barker Barkey Barkhamer Barkhammer Barkley Barlett Barlow Barlup Barncort Barner Barnes Barnett Barney Barnhart Barnhill Barninger Barnitz Barns Barone Baroni Barowski Barowsli Barr Barrack Barrackman Barrer Barrett Barrey Barrick Barrie Barriger Barringer Barringer Barrington Barron Barrons Barrow Barry Barshinger Bartall Bartel Bartell Barth Barthel Bartho Bartholomew Bartil Bartles Bartlett Bartley Bartlow Bartly Bartnick Barto Barton Bartow Bartruff Bary Bashore Baskerville Baskins Basom Basore Basset Bassett Bassitt Bassler Bastardi Bastian Bastress Basu Batdorf Batdorff Baten Bates Bathurst Batteicher Batten Battin Battiste Battle Battles Bauer Bauerle Baugher Baughman Bauhman Baum Bauman Baumbach Baumback Baumgardener Baumgardner Baumgartner Baus Bausch Bausman Bausum Bawman Baxter Bay Bayer Bayers Bayler Baylor Beach Beacham Beachel Beachey Beachler Beachley Beachman Beadle Beahm Beahr Beair Beale Bealer Beales Bealman Bealor Bealtie Beam Beamer Beams Bean Beane Beanes Beans Bear Beard Bearden Beare Bearey Bearley Bears Beasley Beasly Beasom Beason Beaston Beatty Beauman Beaumont Beaver Beaverd Beaverh Beavers Beavours Beazeley Bebb Beche Bechtel Bechtell Bechtle Bechtold Beck Beckenbaugh Becker Beckley Becktill Becktle Beckwith Bedell Bedford Bedger Beeber Beech Beecher Beeker Beelen Beeler Beelman Beels Beem Beems Been Beene Beers Beesely Beetem Beeten Beevers Beeziey Begley Beham Behel Beheler Behem Behm Behne Behney Behr Behrends Behrendt Behrens Behring Behringer Behrings Beichler Beidel Beidleman Beigh Beighler Beigler Beilch Beiler Beinhauer Beinhaur Beinhower Beish Beishline Beissel Beistline Beitzel Beitzle Beker Belcher Belford Bell Bellis Bellman Bello Bellos Bellough Bellow Belmont Belongee Belor Below Belsches Belshas Belshaw Belt Belton Belts Beltz Bencil Bender Bene Benedetto Benel Benfer Benjamin Bennehoff Benner Bennett Benny Benoist Benoit Bensel Bensil Bensinger Benson Bensyl Bentley Bently Bents Bentsel Bentz Bentzel Beord Bercley Berditt Berditt Berdugo Berg Bergen Berger Bergh Bergh Berghauser Bergheimer Bergner Bergner Bergstresser Beringer Berk Berkepile Berkey Berkheimer Berkheiser Berkhimer Berkley Berkstresser Berlin Bernheisel Berquist Berrell Berrey Berrie Berrier Berry Berryhill Bersamin Berstler Bert Berthelson Berthoff Bertsler Bery Berys Beshore Besiey Best Bets Betts Bettz Betz Bevan Bevar Bevar Bever Bevers Bevie Bevier Bevins Beward Beyere Beyerle Biarly Bibb Bibby Bible Bice Bickel Bickhort Bickle Bicksler Biddle Bider Bieber Biebver Biegel Bieller Bielmann Bielor Bien Bienhaur Bierbower Bierly Bieseckes Bieticki Bietsch Biever Big Bigalow Bigelow Biggalow Bigge Biggeilow Biggelow Biggs Bigler Biglow Bigs Biler Bilger Billens Biller Billet Billger Billing Billings Billman Billow Billows Bilman Binckley Bingaman Binger Bingham Binkley Binn Binns Birch Bird Birdet Birdich Birgan Birk Birkhimer Birkimer Birt Bisely Bish Bishard Bishel Bishoff Bishop Bishtel Bissel Bistline Bitner Bitting Bittinger Bittle Bixler Bjurstrom Black Blackburn Blackwell Blain Blaine Blair Blake Blakeslee Blakesslee Blan Blanchard Blancherd Blanchord Bland Blank Blann Blaser Blatt Blattenberger Blauch Blazer Bleiler Blessing Blizzard Blocher Bloom Blose Bloser Blosser Blouch Blough Blumanstock Blumenschein Blumenstein Blumenstock Blust Blysline Blystone Boak Boal Boaman Boar Boas Boaz Bobb Bochler Bock Bockh Bockman Boden Bodine Bodkins Bodmer Bodnar Bodner Boehler Boerner Bogard Bogart Boger Bogert Boggard Boggs Boghman Bognar Bogner Bogovic Bohn Bohner Bohner Bohr Boice Boies Bois Bolan Boland Bolden Boldorf Boldorf Boldosser Bolen Bolig Bolingar Bolinger Boll Bolles Bollin Bollinger Bolon Bolongee Bolton Boltz Bolze Boman Bomba Bomberger Bomgardner Bomgarner Bomgartner Bona Bonarrigo Bonauitz Bond Bone Bonebreak Bonell Boner Bonham Bonison Bonn Bonneau Bonnell Bonner Bonnesen Bonnon Bonsall Bonson Boob Booda Booher Book Bookamer Booker Books Bookwalter Boon Boone Booney Boonie Boons Boop Boose Boose Booth Boova Booz Booze Boozel Bopp Borden Bordner Boreman Boreman Borh Borhman Boring Borisman Borman Borman Bornman Bornstein Borough Boroughs Boroughs Borow Borrell Borril Borst Bortal Bortel Bortel Bortell Bortner Bosler Bosserman Bossert Bossinger Bossler Bostdorf Bostwick Bosum Boswell Botdorf Bote Bothwell Bots Bott Bottiger Bottorf Botts Bouder Boughman Boughter Bousman Bousum Bovard Bowen Bower Bowermaster Bowersox Boweser Bowil Bowles Bowling Bowman Bowner Boyce Boyd Boyer Boyes Boylan Boyles Brachebill Brackbill Brackenridge Bradberry Bradbery Braden Bradfield Bradford Bradley Bradtmiller Brady Bragoner Brajkovich Brake Brame Bramham Bramwell Branch Brandt Branham Branin Brank Brannan Branner Brannin Brannion Brannon Brannum Branon Branthafer Brantley Brantner Branum Branyan Brashear Bratten Bratton Brauan Brauer Braun Bray Brazill Break Bream Brechbill Brechbuhll Breck Breckbiel Breckbill Breckenridge Breese Breeze Brehm Brehman Breisch Breiteback Breitenbach Breneman Brenize Brenizer Brennan BrennemanBrenner Brent Breon Bressler Bretts Bretz Brewbaker Brewer Brewster Brezgel Brian Brichill Bricker Brickey Brickly Brickner Bridge Bridle Brien Briggs Brigh Bright Brightbill Brill Brindle Brindley Briner Briner Brink Brinkman Brinser Brinson Brinton Brisbin Britain Britcher Britner Briton Brittain Brittan Britten Brittion Britton Brobbst Broberg Brodisch Brofee Brooken Brookhart Brookin Brooks Broomfield Brosius Brossman Brothers Brough Brougher Brought Brouse Brower Brown Brownawell Brownback Brownewell Brownhill Browning Brua Bruaw Brubaker Brubeck Bruce Bruch Brugger Brugler Bruker Brumbaugh Bruner Brungart Brunhous Brunk Brunner Brush Bryan Bryant Bryin Brymesser Bryner Bryon Bryson Bubb Buchanan Buchanan Buchannan Bucher Buchheister Buchhesiter Buchner Buchner Buchter Buck Bucke Buckheimer Buckley Buckwalter Bucy Buechel Buechele Buffenmyer Buffington Bulick Bull Bullenger Bullinger Bulloch Bullock Bumbaugh Bumgardener Bumgarner Bunce Bunch Bundy Bungo Bunn Bunnell Bunt Bupp Burch Burchard Burchfield Burd Burdack Burdec Burdeck Burdet Burdett Burdette Burdge Burdick Burdict Burdit Burditt Burditte Buress Burg Burgan Burgard Burger Burgess Burgett Burgh Burghauser Burgheiser Burgner Burgue Burian Buril Burk Burkepile Burket Burkett Burkette Burkey Burkhamer Burkhart Burkheimer Burkholder Burnal Burnam Burnell Burnett Burnette Burnham Burns Burnum Burque Burr Burral Burray Burrell Burres Burrice Burrill Burris Burro Burrous Burrouss Burrowes Burrows Burry Burt Burtin Burtnett Burton Burts Burwell Bury Bush Bushauss Bushe Bushey Bushman Buskerk Buskey Busler Busshaus Bustard Butcher Butcosk Butdorf Butler Buttorf Butturf Byard Byerley Byerly Byers Byler Byrem Byrem Byshop

Cadwalder Caeton Cahoon Cain Caine Cairns Cairry Caissman Caiton Calahan Calaman Calaman Caldwell Calender Calhoun Caliguri Calin Caliquri Callaghan Callahan Callander Callen Callender Callies Callmus Calneder Calonder Calvert Cameron Cammel Camp Campbell Campli Cann Cannon Canter Cap Caplinger Capp Capps Caps Car Carbaugh Care Carey Carie Carl Carlile Carlisle Carlon Carlton Carman Carmichael Carnahan Carnathan Carner Carnes Carns Carolus Carpenter Carper Carr Carrall Carrell Carricato Carroll Carrothers Carrozza Carruthers Carscadden Carscaden Carskadden Carson Carswell Carter Carvell Carver Carwell Cary Cary Casale Case Casebeer Casey Cash Cashman Casilli Casner Casper Cassatt Cassel Cassell Cassle Cassner Castalo Castaneda Castle Castleberry Castner Caten Cathcart Caton Catone Catton Cauch Caudill Cauffman Caughey Cavanaugh Celesky Cesarini Cessna Chalfant Chamberlain Chamberland Chamberlin Chamberline Chambers Champion Chandler Chaney Chapman Charles Charters Chastain Chateau Chateau Chatten Chattin Cheany Chenee Cheney Chenoweth Cheny Cherry Chesney Chester Chestnut Chew Cheyney Chicini Chilcote Childers Childres Chilton Chiney Chinney Chiolo Chism Chisolm Chohany Chrislieb Christ Christen Christensen Christian Christie Christlieb Christman Christoff Christoffel Christopher Chronister Chubb Church Ciccarone Ciccocioppo Cigic Cisna Cisney Claasen Clair Clandennen Clanenning Clapp Clapper Clare Clark Clausen Clauser Clauson Clavland Clawson Clay Claybaugh Clayppole Clayton Cleaveland Cleaver Cleavland Cleck Cleeveland Clegg Cleland Clemen Clemence Clemens Clement Clementz Cleming Clemings Clemmen Clemmence Clemmens Clemment Clemming Clemmings Clemons Clemonsd Clemonss Clemonst Clemson Clendenan Clendenen Clendenin Clendening Clendening Clepper Cless Cleveland Clever Clevish Clevland Click Clindennan Clindinin Cline Clinger Clinton Clippinger Clites Clock Close Closson Closson Clotfelter Clothes Cloud Clough Clouse Clouser Cloward Clowes Clowse Cluck Clugston Clunie Clutter Clymans Clymer Clyndinnin Co Coates Coble Cochlin Cochran Cockley Cocklin Coder Codwalder Cody Coe Coffe Coffee Coffey Coffman Coffman Coffy Cohen Cohenour Cohick Colbath Colbert Coldren Cole Coleman Colestock Collabine Collanbine College Collender Coller Colletee Collier Collinder Collinder Collins Colver Colvin Colyer Comber Comer Comerer Comerercomber Comp Compton Comrey Conan Conaway Conconnon Condell Conden Condine Condon Cone Cones Congden Congdon Conlin Conner Conover Conrad Conver Convers Converse Conway Cook Cooke Coolbaugh Coomber Coombs Coomer Cooney Coons Coons Cooper Coover Cop Cope Copeland Copenhaver Copes Copp Coppes Copps Cops Corbin Cordell Corfey Corigliano Corkins Corkle Corl Corman Cormany Cornelison Cornelius Cornell Cornman Corothers Corpman Correak Correal Correl Corsan Corsnitz Corson Coser Cosier Cossack Costanza Costello Costopuolus Couch Cough Coughenour Cougher Coulson Coulter Coup Couple Courtney Coutch Cover Covert Cowen Cowher Cox Coxon Coy Coye Coyle Cozart Crabtree Craft Craig Craighead Crain Craine Craley Cramer Crandall Crandel Crandell Crandle Crandol Crane Cravens Crawford Crawl Crawl Crebill Cree Creek Creidler Creigh Cressler Cresswell Cretzinger Crider Criley Crim Crimm Crimmel Crist Criswell Criswell Croak Croce Crockett Croft Croll Croman Cromer Cromes Cromleigh Crone Crook Crooker Crooks Crosley Crosman Cross Crossen Crossley Crossman Crossmen Crosson Crotsley Crotty Crouse Crowe Crowell Crowl Crownoover Crozier Crull Crum Crumlich Crumlike Crusey Cruther Cruthers Crynock Crytzer Cuddy Culbertson Culen Culhane Culin Culins Cullan Cullee Cullen Culler Culley Cullings Cullins Cully Culp Culver Cumber Cumberledge Cumbler Cummie Cumminger Cummings Cunkle Cunkle Cunningham Cupo Cupp Cupple Cupples Curl Curle Curley Curll Curr Currie Curry Curtis Cusick Cutshall

Dagenhart Dahle Dailey Daley Dalmus Daly Dalzell Damon Danforth Daniel Daniels Danner Dantermennen Danzeisen Dapp Darhower Darlington Daron Darr Dart Daub Dauberman Daubert Daughenbaugh Daugherty Daum Dauson Davenport Davey David Davidosn Davids Davies Davis Dawalt Dawes Dawson Day Days Dayton De Courcey De haven De hoff De huff De Moss De Pugh De puy Deach Deach Deamler Dean Deangelo Deardorff Deatrich Deatrick Deats Deaveeriux Deaven Deavorix Deay Deck Deckard Deckert Deckman Deemy Deen Deets Deetz Defibaugh Dehart Deibert Deibler Deich Deidrich Deietch Deihl Deimler Deitch Deitch Deiter Deitrich Deitrick Deitzler Deitzler Deitzs Delancey Delancy Delaney Delbaugh Dell Dellinger Dellone DeLong Delp Demaree DeMario Demars Demmy Dempsey Dengler Denig Denk Dennis Dentler Dentzel Dentzler Depew Depey Depois Deppen Depue Derendinger Derickson Derickson Derk Derr Derrickson Dersham Deshong Desmond Deswees Deter Deterer Detra Detrich Detrick Detro Detrow Detter Detterer Dettling Dettro Dettrow Deturk Detweiler Detwiler Detz Deutsch Devericks Deverix DeVerter Devine Devinney Deviro Devlin Devor Devorex Devorix Devreax Dewalt Dewees Deweese Deweeze Dewese Dewet Dewight Dewite Dewitt Dey Deye Dhal Di Campli Dial Diall Diamond Diar Dice Dick Dickel Dickey Dickie Dickinson Dicks Dickson Dicky Dicola Dicus Diddia Diddy Diebler Diebler Diehl Diener Dier Dieter Dieterich Dieterick Dietz Diffenbach Diffendafer Diffenderfer Dilcart Dile Dilgart Dilger Dilion Dilissio Dill Dillen Diller Dilley Dillinger Dillins Dillman Dillon Dillyen Dilodovico Dimarco Dimm Dinger Dingle Dingman Dinwiddle Diodata Dipaolo Dippery Dipple Dire Dishman Disney Dissinger Ditmer Dits Ditty Ditunno Ditzel Ditzler Diveglia Dively Diven Divine Divorux Dixon Doan Doane Dobbie Dobbin Dobbins Dobbs Dobin Dobins Dobions Dobson Dobyns Dochterman Dock Dockey Dodd Dodge Dodson Doebler Doering Dohner Dolan Dolbin Dolby Dolin Dolinger Dollinger Dominiani Donaghy Donahoe Donahue Donaldson Donalseon Donalson Donato Donbach Donehugh Donehugh Doner Donicker Donillson Donley Donleys Donnaldson Donnally Donnelly Donnelson Donner Donor Donovan Donsen Donson Doom Doran Dorbert Dorman Dormon Doro Dorsen Dorsey Dorson Dorundo Dorwart Dotson Dottson Doudey Doudrick Doudy Dougherty Dowdney Dowdrich Dowell Dowen Dowend Dowling Downes Downey Downing Downing Downs Doyle Drabenstadt Drain Drake Draper Drass Drautman Drawbaugh Drayer Dreese Dreher Dreibelbis Drennan Drennon Drese Dresh Dress Dressel Dressler Drew Drewery Drewett Drewry Drexler Drolsbauggh Dromgold Dronenbarger Dronenberger Druett Drum Drumm Drummheller Drummond Drurey Drury Drurye Du Bois Dubaich Dubbs Duble Dubree Duck Dudley Dudrow Duebendorff Dueitt Dueiwit Duett Duett Duey Duffield Duffield Duffington Duffy Dugan Duggan Duit Duit Duk Duke Dukes Dull Dull Dum Dumm Dumn Dunaway Dunbar Duncan Duncleburger Dundorf Dundorf Dunfee Dunkelberger Dunkinsin Dunkleberger Dunkleberger Dunlap Dunleavy Dunlop Dunmire Dunmyer Dunnaho Dunwoody Dupert Dupes Dupler Dupps Dupree Dupss Dupuey Dupuls Dupuy Durand Durant Durants Durham Durnbach Durnback Durnin Duront Durrant Durst Dutrow Dutrow Dutrow Dutry Duttero Duttery Dutton Duttry Duvall Duyer Duypuy Dwyer Dyal Dyar Dyarman Dyars Dyche Dyche Dyer Dyle Dyre Dysinger Dyson

 Eachus Eadie Eady Eaggler Eagle Eagler Ealy Earhardt Earhart Earley Early Earnest Earp Eash Eason Easten Easterly Eastern Eastman Easton Eaten Eater Eaton Ebehard Eberhard Eberhardt Eberhart Eberly Ebersole Ebert Ebner Ebright Eby Echenberger Echleberger Eck Eckard Eckels Eckenberger Eckenrode Eckerd Eckert Eckhardt Eckley Eckrose Eckstine Edde Eddy Eden Edgar Edge Edgin Edman Edmans Edminston Edmon Edmond Edmonds Edmondson Edmund Edmundson Edres Edwards Egan Ege Egenreider Egenrieder Eggenrider Egle Egley Egolf Ehler Ehlers Ehlman Ehrart Ehrart Ehrenzeller Ehrhart Ehrisman Eichel Eichelber Eichelberger Eichenberg Eicher Eichler Eichman Eickhoff Eigenrider Eisele Eisely Eisenacher Eisenhart Eisenhauer Eisenhour Eisenhower Eisenhuth Eitel Eklund Elder Eldred Eldridge Elesworth Elicker Ellenberger Ellerman Ellicked Elliott Ellis Ellmaker Ellsowrth Ellwein Ellwine Ellwood Elmer Elrick Elsasser Elser Elsey Elsworth Elting Elwood Ely Embich Emenheiser Emerick Emerson Emery Emey Emich Emick Emick Emig Emigh Emlet Emminger Emrich Enck Enders Endres Endslow Engelke Engle Englebright English Engram Enlon Enminger Ensinger Ent Enterline Enyeart Epler Epping Eppley Erb Erdley Erdman Erdossey Erhart Erickson Erion Erlenmeyer Ermold Ermold Ernest Erney Ernst Errington Erslinger Erway Erwin Esch Esh Eshelman Eshenhaur Eshenour Eshleman Eslinger Eslis Espenshade Espigh Essick Estep Esterline Estheimer Eston Estright Estton Esyter Etka Etnoyer Etris Etsell Etsweiler Ettein Etten Etters Ettinger Ettlich Etzweiler Eurich Eutzey Eutzy Evanoff Evans Eveler Evelhoch Evener Everett Everhard Everhart Everil Everly Eves Evilhoch Evinger Evitts Ewald Ewalt Eward Ewart Ewer Ewing Eyer Eyler

Fabian Fackler Fagan Fager Fager Fahl Fahnestock Fahringer Fahs Failor Fair Fait Fait Faite Faite Falk Falkinburge Famous Famus Farber Fareley Farlee Farley Farly Farmar Farmer Farmor Farner Farner Farrar Farrell Farrer Farver Fasick Fasnacht Fasset Fate Fattig Fattig Faught Faulk Faunce Faust Fauth Fauver Favinger Fawber Fawcett Fawver Fealtman Fearal Fearel Fearnbaugh Feaser Feaster Fedder Feeman Feeney Feeser Feg Fegan Feger Fegley Fehl Feidt Feister Feit Feldman Feldser Felker Fell Feller Feltenberger Feltman Felton Felty Femlee Fencil Fenical Fenickle Fenigle Fenn Fenner Fenstemacher Fenterbush Fenton Ferber Ferdig Ferdigh Ferel Fergusen Ferner Fernsler Ferral Ferrall Ferre Ferrel Fuehre Fery Ferree Ferrell Ferrer Ferril Ferringer Ferry Ferster Fertenbach Fetro Fetrow Fettrow Fertig Fesler Fessler Fetter Fetterolf Fettig Finicle Flickinger Fortenbaugh Fought Foust Frank Frankenberger Frankenberry Frankhouse Franklin Frantz Fravel Fraver Fray Frazier Frederick Free Freed Freeland Freeman Freet Frei Freidly Freise French Frey Freymoyer Freysinger Fricker Friedline Frisch Fritz Frock Froehlich Fromme Fronk Frontz Frost Frownfelter Fry Fryer Frymyer Fuehre Fuhrman Fulcomer Fulkroad Fuller Fullerton Fulton Fultz Fulweiler Funfrock Funk Funkhouser Furler Furner Furry Fuss Fusselman Fyler

Gabel Gabert Gable Gabree Gackenbach Gaddis Gage Gaidos Gailbraith Gailey Gales Galic Gallagher Gallant Gallatin Gallion Galt Gamber Gamble Gamby Gandy Ganhann Ganster Gantt Gantz Garber Garcia Gardner Gariepy Garland Garlin Garmon Garner Garns Garretson Garrett Garst Gartley Garver Garverich Garvin Garwitz Gasull Gaul Gault Gaunt Gaylor Gayman Gearhart Geary Geedy Geese Geesey Gehr Gehris Geib Geiger Geiling Gekas Gelbach Gelbaugh Gellespie Gelnett Gelwicks Gemberling Gensler Gentit George Gephart Gerberich Gerdy Gerhart Gerhold Gerlach Gerling Germyer Gerrick Gers Gersic Gesit Gessaman Gessner Gettel Gettis Gettys Getz Geyer Ghormley Gibb Gibble Gibboney Gibbons Gibney Gibson Gift Gilbert Gilday Gilds Giles Gilfilen Gill Gillen Gilliland Gilman Gilmartin Gilmore Gilson Gingrich Gintzer Gipe Girard Gish Githens Givens Givler Givlivo Gladden Gladfelter Gladhill Glanding Glase Glass Glassburn Glassel Glaze Gleim Glendye Glenn Glenny Gless Glessner Glock Gloss Glosser Glossop Glover Glunt Gobrecht Gochenauer Gockley Goddard Godfrey Godzisewski Goe Goehner Goekler Gohn Gold Golden Gollaher Gooch Good Goodhart Goodheer Goodlander Goodling Goodman Goodwin Goodyear Goosen Gordon Gordy Gorgas Goshen Goshorn Goss Gothel Goudy Gouffer Goulden Gouse Gower Grabbe Grabowicz Grady Graef Grafe Graff Grafmyer Graham Grant Grassel Grattan Gratz Graver Gray Graybill Graybill Graydon Grazier Greaney Greco Greegar Greegor Green Greenland Greenwalt Gregg Gregory Greiner Grenoble Gresley Gria Grier Griest Griffith Grimm Gring Griswell Groce Groff Grogan Groniger Groscost Grose Grosh Grosjean Grosman Gross Grothe Groupe Grove Grover Grubaugh Grubb Grube Gruber Grundon Guest Guiles Guinane Gulden Gulick Gunderman Guntrum Gurtner Gushert Guss Gussler Gustafson Gutelius Guthrie Gutjahr Gutshall Gutshall Guy Guyer Guyler Gyger

Haag Haak Haas Habecker Habersham Hack Hackenberger Hackendorn Hackett Haehnlen Hafer Haffley Haffner Hagan Hagar Haggerty Hagstrom Hague Hahn Hain haines Hair Halbleib Haldeman Halderman Haldy Haley Hall Hallman Halstead Hambright Hamilton Hamm Hammaker Hamman Hammer Hammond Hampton Hanawalt hancock Hand Haney Hanft Hanley Hanna Hannan Hannum Hanrahan Hansbury Hansell Hansen Hanshaw Hanson Happle Harahus Harbach Harbaugh Harbold Harden Harder Hardy hare Harford Harge Harkins Harkinson Harkleorad Harlacher Harlan Harless Harling harmon Harmony Harner Harnish Harp Harper Harren Harrer Harriman Harris Harrison Harrold Harruff Harry Hart Harter Hartford Hartlaub Hartley Hartman Hartranft Hartsock Hartz Hartzell Harvath Harvey Hassinger Hassler Hastings Hatfield Hathaway Hatten Hatter Hatz Haubert Hauer Haupt Hauschild Hautz havens Haverstick Havice Hawbaker Hawk Hawley Hayberger Hayden Hayes Hays Hazel Hazzard Heacock Head Headen Header Headings Heagy Heany Heaps Heare Hearst Heath Heatherly Heatwole Hebbe Hebel Heberlig Heberling Hebner Heck Heckard Heckendorn Heckert Heckman Heeter Heffelfinger Heffleger Heffley Hefner Hehn Hehnly Heidel Heigel Heikes Heikle Heil Heilman Heim Heimbach Hein Heinbach Heintzelman Heiser Heisey Heishley Heisler Heiss Heistand Heister Heiydt Helfer Heller Helm Helman Helsel Helwig Hemperly Hempson Hench Henderson Hendricks Hengst Hennaman Henney Henning Henrich Henry Henshaw Henshey Hentzel Hepfer Hepler Hepner Herbster Herr Herrick Hersh Hershberger Hershey Hershman Hertel Hertz Hertzler Hertzog Hess Hesser Heston Hestor Hetherington Hetrick Hettenbach Hevel Hewlings Heyd Heyl Hibbert Hibbs Hibschman Hickenbottom Hickernell Hickey Hicklin Hickman Hickoff Hicks Hickson Hiddeman Higgins High Highland Hight Hilbert Hilbish Hildebrandt Hilderbrand Hile Hill Hilliar Hiltner Himmelreich Hinch Hinds Hines Hinkle Hippensteel Hipple Hirsch Hirt Hite Hitt Hitz Hixon Hobach Hobart Hobson Hoch Hochlander Hock Hockenberry Hockenbroch Hockenbrock Hocker Hockley Hockman Hofer Hoff Hoffer Hoffman Hoffmaster Hoffner Hoge Hogelund Hogentogler Hogu Hohenshildt Hohenshilt Hohl Hohn Hoke Holahan Holden Holland Hollaway Hollen Hollenbach Hollenbaugh Holler Holley Holliday Hollihan Hollinger Hollister Hollopeter Holman Holmes Holstein Holstine Holtry Holtz Holtzapple Holtzer Holzman Hombach Homer Hoobler Hood Hooke Hoopes Hoover Hopkins Hopler Hoppenhaver Hoppes Hopple Horn Hornberger Horne Horner Horning Horst Horter Horting Horton Horvath Hosan Hosler Hosterman Hostetter Hostettler Hostler Hottenstein Houck Houdeshel Houge House Houseknecht Houseman Houser Houseworth Housley Houts Houtz Hoverter Howanstine Howard Howder Howe Howell Hower Hoy Hoyer Hozan Hubbard Hubbell Hubbert Hubler Hubley Hudson Huey Hufferd Hufnagle Huggins Hughes Hughey Hulbert Hulings Hull Hultz Hultzapple Hum Humbert Humes Hummel Hummer Humphrey Hunker Hunsdorf Hunsecker Hunsinger Hunter Hupp Hurley Hurrell Huss Huston Hutcheson Hutchinson Hutter Hutton Hutzell Hyde

Ickes Idle Ilgenfritz Imboden Imes Imler Inch Ingalls Ingham Ingle Ingraham Inman Inners Innis Inscho Irvine Irvine Irwin Isenberg Isett Ison Israel Iungerich Ivia Izer

 Jackman Jackson Jacobs Jacoby Jacques Jager James Jamison Janison Jardine Jarrett Jarvis Jefford Jeffries Jemison Jenkins Jennings Jensen Jent Jewett Jobson Joel Johncour Johns Johnson Johnston Jones Jordan Jorich Jotter Jovanelly Joy Jubb Judson Judy Jukes Julius Jumper Junk Junkin Junod Jury

 Kacy Kadenko Kahl Kahler Kain Kaley Kallan Kammler Kampen Kanagy Kane Kann Kanode Kapp Karl Karlik Karlsen Karns Karper Karpicky Karstetter Karvasale Kaseberg Kasper Kass Kassel Kast Katon Kaucher Kauffman Kaup Kautz Kaylor Keagle Kean Keaney Kearl Kearney Keaton Keck Keefer Keegans Keel Keeler Keeley Keemer Keene Keener Keeney Keerls Keeseman Kefford Kegarise Kegerreis Kegg Keifer Keighton Keim Keiner Keirle Keiser Keisling Keister Keiter Keith Kelchner Keleman Kell Keller Kelley Kelser Kelso Kemberling Kemble Kemerer Kemon Kemperly Kenber Kendig Kendig Kenee Kennedy Kenney Kensler Kent Kepford Kepler Kepner Kepperley Kerchner Kerl Kerley Kerlin Kern Kerr Kerson Kerstetter Kertulis Kessler Ketler Ketterling Kew Keyser Keyser Kibe Kibler Kiel Kilgore Kilhefner Killian Killinger Kilmer Kimball Kimmel Kimmich Kinart Kinch Kindig Kindley Kiner Kines King Kingsborough Kingsley Kinkaid Kinley Kinneard Kinney Kinsel Kinsey Kinsler Kinsloe Kinslow Kint Kinter Kinzer Kipp Kipple Kirby Kirchoff Kirk Kirkpatrick Kirkwood Kirl Kirwan Kiser Kisner Kissinger Kister Kistler Kistner Kitch Kitner Kitting Kitzmiller Klase Klauser Kleckner Klee Kleffman Kleinfelter Kleinschmidt Kleper Klepper Klick KlidonasKline Klinedinst Klinepeter Klineyoung Klinger Klingman Klink Klock Klopp Klose Klosz Klough Kluck Klucker Klugh Knapp Knarr Knaub Knause Knepp Knight Knisely Knotts Knouff Knouse Knupp Knuth Kober Koch Kochendefer Kochenour Kocher Kock Koen Kohl Kohler Kohn Kolb Kolbay Koller Koltrider Kone Kongabel Kooken Koomes Kooney Koontz Kope Koplin Koppenhaver Korngabel Kornman Kosen Koser Kosier Kossack Kossayian Kost Kothe Kouch Kough Koup Kozlowski Kraft Kraft Krall Kraly Kramer Krammes Krasman Kratzer Kraus Krause Krauss Krawl Krazykowsi Kreamer Krebs Krehl Kreider Kreiger Kreischer Kreiser Kreitzer Krenzer Kresege Kressler Kressler Kretzing Kretzinger Kretzinger Krewson Krick Kriebel Kriner Krippner Krisman Krist Kristman Kritser Krogman Kroh Kroll Kromer Krone Krouser Krout Krow Krowl Krownover Krug Kruse Kryzkowski Kugle Kugler Kuhn Kuller Kulp Kumbler Kumler Kun Kuney Kunkle Kuntz Kuppel Kuppels Kupple Kurkowski Kurl Kurtz Kutz Kuzio Kyle Kyser

 La Place La Ross La Rue Labiak Lackey Lackman Lacy Ladr LaFarce Lagero Lahr Laird Lamb Lambert Lambie Lamborn Lambright Lamky Lamm Lamont Lampert Lancaster Landis Lane Lange Langletz Langley Laning Lantz Lappley Larson Laser Lash Lasley Lassman Latchford Lathe Latsha Laubach Laubscher Lauer Laughlin Lauster Lauthers Lauver Laverty Lawlor Lawrence Lawson Lawver Lawver Lawyer Lay Layer Layman Lazarchik Lazawicki Le Dane Le Fever Leach Leacock Leake Leaman Leany Lear Leas Lease Leaser Lebkicher Lebo Ledger Lee Leed Leedy Leeper Lehman Lehmer Leib Leibold Leibrook Leiby Leideigh Leigh Leighty Leinawweaver Leinbach Leinbach Leisenring Leiss Leitzel Lemaster Lembert Lemon Lempert Lendermen Lenhart Lenig Lenker Lennen Leno Lentz Lenz Leonard Lepley Lepperd Leppert Lerch Lesch Lesh Lesher Lesiter Lesser Levin Lewis Lex Leyder Lichty Lick Lickel Liddick Lieser Lietwiler Ligenfelter Liggett Light Lightner Lilley Lilly Limbert Linard Lincoln Lind Lindaman Lindemuth Lindenberger Lindhurst Lindley Lindsay Lindsey Lindstrom Line Linebaugh Lineburg Lingle Lininger Linn Linnekin Linsenbach Linton Linzer Lipkey Lippert Lippincott Litchfield Little Littleton Livingston Llewellyn Lloyd Lobach Lobaugh Lochman Loesch Loeser Logan Logsdon Lomman Long Longacre Longenecker Longsdorff Longwell Lontz Loomis Loos Loose Loper Lorah Lord Loresch Losch Loser Losh Lothrop Lott Louck Louden Louder Loudon Loughman Louther Love Lovell Lovering Lowe Lower Lowery Loy Lucas Luck Luckenbaugh Luckie Ludt Ludwig Lukens Lumadue Lundergan Lupfer Lupold Lusk Luther Lutman Luttrell Lutweiler Lutz Lydick Lyman Lynch Lyne Lyons Lyter

Machamer Mackey Macklin MacKnair Mackneer MacTavish Madden Mader Maffett Magaro Magee Mager Magill Maginnes Maguire Mahaffey Mahaney Maiden Maier Main Mainenti Mainhart Maish Maize Major Makibbin Malaker Malehorn Maley Malien Mallory Malone Malseed Manbeck Maneval Mangel Manghes Mangle Mangold Manley Mann Manning Manquart Maragliotti Marburger March Marchut Marcy Margetts Marinaro Marion Mark Markel marker Markle Markley Marley Marlin mars Marsh Marshall Martin Marx Mashtare Mason MasQuiddy Massey Masters Matchett Mateer Matello Mather Mathias Mathna Matlack Matson Matter Mattern Matthews Mattocks
Matunis Matzgar Maugans Mauger Mauk Maulfair Maurer Maurhoff Maxton Maxwell May Mayberry Mayer Mazziotti McAfee McAlicker McAllister McBeth McBlair McBride McCabe McCaddon McCahan McCahren McCallister McCallister McCann McCarchey McCarson McCarthy McCartney McCarty McCaskey McCauley McChesney McClain McClellan McClelland McClenican McClintlock McCloskey McClure McClurg McCollum McCombs McComsey McConkey McConnell McConnelly McConoughy McCord McCormick McCown McCoy McCracken McCrae McCreary McCroryMcCrosky McCullouch McCune McCurdy McCutcheon McDaniel McDermond McDilda McDonald McDowell McElderry McElheney McElrath McElroy McElwee McFadden McFarland McFerran McGahey McGarry McGarry McGarvey McGaughey McGeary McGee McGill McGinigle McGinity McGlynn McGoon McGowan McGuinn McGuire McHen McHenry McIntosh McIntyre McKarchey McKay McKean McKee McKeehan McKeever McKelvey McKendree McKenna McKenzie McKeowen McKillip McKim McKinley McKinneyMcKissick McLain McLaren McLaughlin McLinn McMath McMeen McMichael McMillen McMorris McMUllan McMurray McNaight McNamara McNaughton McNeely McNeil McNeillie McNemar McNitt McNulty McNutt McPherson McQuay McQuilkin McVeagh McVey McVitty McWilliams Meacham Mead Meader Meadeth Mealy Mease Meck Meckley Meddeath Meglio Megonnell Megory Mehaffie Meharg Mehhaffy Meier Meiller Meiman Meinsler Meiser Melcher Melester Melhorn Mell Mellenger Mellot Melnick Meloy Meminger Mendenhall Mendler Menear Mengle Mengus Menke Mennie Mentzer Meredith Merick
Merkel Merrick Merrill Merriweather Mertz Mesner Messamore Messersmith Messimer Messinger Messman Metherall Metz Metzger Metzler Meyer Miceli Michael Michener Mickey Middagh Middlekauff Middletown Miedzwicki Miket Miles Miley Millay Miller Milligan Milliken Millis Mingle Mingus Minich Minium Minner Minnichan Minnier Minns Minsker Minskey Miscio Mislyan Mitchell Mitchem Mitten Mixell Moad Mobley Mock Modglin Moffitt Mogel Mohar Mohler Moir Moist Molnar Mongeon Monmiller Monroe Monteith Montesano Montgomery Montour Moody Moon Moore Moore Mooret Moorhead Moorman Moose Moreland Moretti Moretz Morey Morgan Morley Morningred Morningstar Morrett Morrison Morrissey Morrissey Morrow Mort Mortensen Mortimer Morton Moscati Moser Moses Mosholder Moss Motter Motzer Moul Mountz Mowat Mowers Mowery Moyer Mueller MuffordMuhlenberg Mulheron Mulhollan Mull Mullen Muller Muman Mumma Mummert Mumper Mundorf Murphy Murray Murschel Murtiff Murtoff Musselman Musser Mussine Mutch Mutzabaugh Mutzebaugh Myers

Nace Nadol Nagle Nale Nankivel Napier Nary Nash Nasom Naufford Naugle Naylor Nbramm Neagley Nealman neary Neas Neeley Neely Neeper Neff Negley Neibert Neidert Neidhammer Neidig Neidigh Neighbor Neil Neilson Neipris Neiss Neiswinter Nelson Nentwig Nesbit Nesbitt Nessly Nethkin Neubold Nevin Newcomer Newhood Newkirk Newlin Newman Newton Neyhart Neyhart Niblock Nichol Nicholas Nicholl Nicholson Nickel Nickey Nickoloff Nickum Nicodemus Niemond Niles Niman Nipple Nissley Nixon Noaker Noble Noblet Noctor Noel Nolan Noll Nolt Nonemaker Norcross Norman Nornhold Norris North Northcraft Norton Noss Notestine Novinger Noye Null Nulton Numer Nunnamaker Nye Nygren

O"Malley O"Rourke Oakes Ober Oberhauser Oberlin Obert O'Bryan Ocker Ockerman Ockerman Odell O'Donnel Oerman Officer Ogden Ogle O'Hara Oiler Okeson O'Kieff Oktavee O'Laughlin Oleson Olinger Oliphant Olschinski Olson Olweiler Ommert Omohundro O'Neal Oplinger Orbison Oren Orner Orr Orris Orth Orthey Orwan Orwig Orwin Orzel Osborne Osman Ostrowski Oswalt O'Toole Ott Otto Over Owczarek Owen Owings Oxenford Oyler

Pabst Pace Packard Packer Paden Page Pagnotti Painter Paist Palakovic Palm Palmer Pannebaker Pannell Pantalione Pareti Parker Parkhurst Parkison Parks Parmelee Parnell Parr Parrish Parsons Partner Parto Passavant Passmore Pathcel Patrick Patterson Pattison Patton Paul Pauley Paulicci Paulus Pavlovic Paxton Payne Peachey Peale Pealer Pearce Pearsall Pearson Pease Pecht Peck Peden Pee Pefer Peiffer Peight Peiper Pell Pellam Pellman Pellow Pelphrey Pelter Pelton Pendleton Pennay Pennebaker Pennebaker Pennell Penny Pensyl Pentz People Perkins Perry Perterfield Peterman Peters Peterson Petrick Petrie Petroski Pettit Petty Pfaffin Pfail Pfaust Pfost Pfoust Phan Pheasant Phelps Phenicie Phillips Phrimmer Phull Piccirillo Pickard Pickel Pickell Pickens Pickle Pierce Pierich Pike Pilcher Pinci Pincin Pines Pinkerton Pinti Piper Pitman Place Plank Platt Platz Pletz Plumley Plut Poff Poffenberger Poland Poligone Polk Pollacco Pollard Pollock Pollom Polski Pond Pontius Pool Poole Poor Poorman Pope Porter Portzline Posey Postewaite Postlewaite Pote Poticher Potteiger Potteiger Potter Potts Poust Powden Powell Power Powley Pozer Pratt Prauner Pray Predix Preisler Prentiss Presbuch Prescott Pressler Pressley Preston PriarPrice Priceler Priestly Primak Prince Probst Proctor Prosser Prothero Proudfoot Pry Pryor Pucetas Pugh Pugliese Puhl Purdom Purdue Purdy Putman Putt Pye Pyle

Quickie Quiggle Quigle Quigley Quinn Quirk

Radabaugh Radcliffe Radel Rader Radnor Raffensberger Raffensperger Rager Rahn Raisner Rakerd Rambo Ramer Ramey Ramp Ramsey Rand Range Rank Rannels Rapp Raser Rasmus Rasmussen Rathburn Rathfon Raub Rauch Raudensky Rauenzahn Rausch Ray Raymond Raynes Rayson Reader Reading Readler Ready Reagel Realmuto Reamer Reapsome Reber Rebert Rebman Rebok Recla Reddy Redman Reed Reeder Reedy Reen Reese Regan Regester Regi Rehkamp Rehman Reiber Reicedorf Reich Reichard Reichelderfer Reichley Reickenbaugh Reider Reidinger Reidlinger Reifine Reifsnyder Reigel Reigle Reisdorff Reisinger Reist Reiter Reith Rembisz Rempfer Renecker Renner Renninger Reno Rensel Renshaw Rentzel Repair Replogle Reside Rettew Reugg Reuter Reuther Revel Reynolds Rhan Rhea Rheam Rhine Rhinehart Rhinesmith Rhoades Rhodenizer Rhodes Rhone Rhule Richards Richardson Richavine Richeldorfer Richkofski Richmond Richstein Richter Rickard Rickenbach Rickenbaugh Ricker Riddle Rider Riedel Riegelman Rife Riggins Riggleman Riggs Riland Riley Rinehart Ringland Ringwood Rininger Rinker Rippman Risban Rishel Risser Ritchey Ritner Ritter Ritzman Rive Rivers Rizzo Roadcap Roath Robb Roberts Robertson Robinson Robison Rock Rockey Rockwell Roddy Rodemaker Rodenbaugh Rodes Rodes Rodgers Rodkey Roe Roemer Rogalski Rogers Rohm Rohrbeck Rohrer Roland Roller Rollins Rolston Rolter Romans Romig Romuk Roof Rook Rooney Roosevelt Roper Rorbaugh Rosborough Rosdam Rose Rosebrook Rosenberger Rosenberry Rosendahl Roshong Ross Rossback Rossi Rote Roth Rothbauth Rothenberger Rothermal Rothrock Rotz Rounsley Rouse Roush Rowe Rowland Rowles Royer Rubendall Rubin Rubrecht Ruddle Rudish Rudisill Rudy Ruehr Ruggles Ruhl Rumbaugh Rumberger Rumfelt Rummel Rumple Runkle Runyan Ruoss Rupert Ruple Rupley Rupp Ruscoe Rush Rusho Russ Russell Ruth Rutherford Ruthrauff Rutledge Rutter Ryall Ryan Rynard Rynkiewicz

Sackett Sadler Saeger Sagle Salerno Salesman Salisbury Saltsburg Saltzburg Saltzer Saluta Salyards Sample Samples Sampsel Sampson Samsel Sanderson Sands Saner Sanford Sangrey Sankey Sanky Sanno Santino Santos Sartain Sarver Sarvis Saul Saunders Sausaman Sauserman Sausman Savercool Sawdy Sawyer Saxton Sayers Saylor Scales Scanlon Scarborough Schaar Schadel Schaffer Schaller Schappell Scharadin Scharf Scheaffer Schell Scheriff Schill Schiller Schimmel Schlegel Schlicht Schlomer Schlosser Schlup Schlusser Schmaltz Schmaus Schmeisser Schmick Schmidt Schmoyer Schnedly Schneider Schobert Schobert Schock Schoffstall Scholes Scholl Schopp Schory Schott Schrauder Schreadley Schreffler Schreyer Schroll Schropfer Schropp Schubert Schucker Schwab Schwalm Scofield Scott Scowden Scrivens Seace Seager Seaman Searer Seaver Sebacius Sechrist Seckinger Secrist Sedam Seeds Seely Seiber Seibert Seidel Seier Seifert Seig Seigler Seiler Seitz Seldomridge Sellers Semmons Senseman Sensenich Senseny Sentz Serfass Sesseman Setchell Sexton Sgrignoli Shade Shady Shafer Shaffner Shakespeare Shaloni Shambaugh Shanabrook Shanafelter Shaner Shank Shannon Sharar Sharon Sharp Shartzer Shatto Shatto Shaub Shaud Shaw Shea Sheaffer Shearer Sheck Sheeder Sheehan Sheely Sheeps Sheesley Sheetz Sheffer Sheibley Shellabarger Shellehamer Shellenberger Sheller Shelley Shelton Shenk Shephard Shepler Shepley Sheppard Sheriff Sherlock Sherman Sherrick Shetron Shetter Shetterly Shick Shields Shiffler Shifflett Shiley Shiltz Shimp Shindle Shingler Shipe Shipley Shipman Shipper Shires Shirk Shirley Shive Shivery Shoaff Shockey Shoemanker Shoener Shoffner Sholley Sholly Shontz Shoop Shoope Shope Short Shorter Shortress Shottsberger Shoue Shover Showers Showvaker Shreffler Shreiber Shriner Shroyer Shrunk Shuey Shugart Shughart Shuler Shull Shullenberger Shultz Shultz Shumaker Shuman Shumberger Shunk Shupp Shure Shurtleff Shuster Shutter Siegfried Siegladd Sievert Siffin Sigler Sike Siler Silks Sill Silvis Simcox Simenson Simison Simmers Simoncelli Simons Simonton Simpson Sims Singer Singleton Singmaster Sinkler Sinkovitz Sinnard Sinnards Sinsabaugh Sior Sipe Siptroth Sisson Sitlinger Sitterly Siviglia Sjoberg Skaddin Skane Skelding Skerry Skethway Skiddin Skinner Skivington Skovira Slagle Slater Slates Slaughter Slautterback Slaybaugh Sledzinski Sleighter Slesser Slick Sload Sloan Sloop Sloppy Slothour Slotter Slough Small Smallwood Smarr Smedley Smee Smeigh Smeltser Smeltz Smiley Smith Smith Smithgall Smoyer Smythe Snave Snavely Sneath Snell Snively Snodgrass Snoke Snook Snow Snyder Sobolewski Soccio Soder Sofranek Soger Sollenberger Sommer Sontag Sornberger Souder Soule Sourber Southby Sowers Spade Spahn Spahr Spalding Spangenberg Spanglehour Spangler Spark Spatz Speace Speakman Spease Specht Specter Speece Speelman Spence Spencer Spicher Spidle Spigelmyer Spindler Spitler Spittle Spivey Spohn Sponenberger Sponsler Spoonhour Spotts Sprecher Spriggle Springer Sprout Sprowls Sstidfole St John Stabnau Stahl Stahley Stailey Stair Stake Stallman Stalnecker Stambaugh Stamm Stang Stannert Stansfield Stark Starner Starr Staschiak Statler Staub Staver Stayer Stayner Stebbins Steckbeck Steckley Steel Steele Stees Steever Steffen Stegner Stehman Steidel Steiger Steigleman Stein Stein Steinberger Steininger Stemler Stentz Stephenson Stepp Steptoe Sternberger Sterner Sterrett Stetler Stevens Stevey Steward Stewart Stidham Stidinger Stiffler Stiles Still Stimeling Stimmel Stinefelt Stinehart Stinson Stites Stitles Stitley Stitt Stitzel Stoak Stock Stoddard Stoey Stokes Stoltzfus Stone Stoner Stong Stoops Storm Stottlemeyer Stouffer Stout Stover Strack Strahley Strain Straitiff Strassburger Stratford Straub Strauss Strausser Straw Strawbridge Strawser Strayer Streidl Stretch Stricker Strickland Strickler Stringfellow Strock Strohecker Strom Strong Stroop Stroup Struble Strum Strunk Stuber Stuck Stuckey Stull Stuller Stulpin Stultz Stum Stump Sturgeon Sturgis Stutts Stutzman Stydinger Suffel Sullenberger Sullivan Suloff Sultzaberger Summers Summerscales Summy Sunday Sunderland Super Supko Surface Sutch Suter Swab Swailes Swain Swan Swanger Swank Swanson Swarey Swarner Swartz Swartzlander Sweeney Sweetser Sweezy Sweger Sweigart Swenson Swigorty Swiler Swinehart Swinn Swisher Switzer Swope Swoveland Swoyer Sykes Sypher

Tabb Tabor Taft Tagg Tailor Takacs Tangerd Tanner Tapper Tarman Tarner Taschek Tasker Tate Taylor Teates Tejera Telfer Temple Templeton Tennant Tennis Teoli Terry Tharp Thatcher Thayer Thebes Theobald Theurer Thomas Thommen Thompson Thorn Thornton Thrush Thumma Tibbens Ticehurst Tidd Tidwell Tienter Tietz Timko Timmons Tinnes Tinney Titler Titzel Tobias Todaro Todd Toland Tolbert Tomforde Tomlinson Toner Toomey Topley Topper Townsley Towsey Toy Tozer Trace Trainer Traver Travitz Traxler Trayer Treaster Trego Trenn Trent Treon Tressler Treuhaft Trexler Trimble Trimmer Tritt Trostle Troup Trout Troutman Troutman Troy Trubay Truesdale Trutt Tsavalas Tschopp Tschoppe Tucker Tuckerman Tuminello Turbett Turman Turnbaugh Turner Turns Turo Turpin Tussey Twigg Tyler Typer Tyson

Ubil Uhler Ulanoski Ullery Ulrich Ulsh Umbenhauer Umberger Umholtz Underwood Unger Uniatowski Updegraff Updegrove Upperman Urich Urich Urner Usaw Usher Utley Utt Utter

Valentine, Van Art, Van Buskerk, Van Camp, Van Dine, Van Dyke, Van Fossen, Van Horn, Van Lierde, Van Meter, Van Ormer, Van Scyoc, Van Sweringen, Van Zaan, Vanatta, Vance, Vanderbilt, Vandergrift, Vandermark, Vandrue, Vansant, Varner, Varnes, Vaughn, Vaumeter, Vawn, Velder, Vergot, Vernon, Versari, Via, Viall, Vigilant, Vincent, Vitale, Vogel, Vogelsanger, Vogelsonger, Vogt, Volck, Vonada, Vondreau, Voorhis, Vracarich

Waddell Wade Wagengusrt Wagenseller Wagner Wahl Waite Waitman Waiwada Wakefield Walborn Walch Waldenburger Waldman Waldsmith Walhay Walize Walker Walkmeyer Wallace Waller Wallett Wallis Wallower Walls Walsh Walterick Walters Waltimyer Walton Waltz Wamsley Warburton Ward Wardecker Ware Warfel Warne Warner Warren Warthling Wase Washington Wass Wasson Waterson Watkins Watson Watts Waugh Waughtel Wax Way Wayne Wealand Weary Weaver Webb Weber Webner Webster Wech Weese Weeter Wehler Weiand Weibley Weidenhammer Weidenhof Weidler Weidner Weigle Weikel Weikert Weiland Weimer Weinhold Weirich Weise Weiser Weiss Weitkamp Weitzel Welcomer Weldon Welfley Welker Weller Wells Welsh Welshans Welshonse Wendal Wendt Wenger Wengert Wenner Wenrich Wentz Wentzel Werner Wert Wertman Wertz West Westbaker Westenberger Westfall Westford Westhafer Weston Wetzel Wetzke Wetzler Wevodau Wharton Wheeler Whipple Whistler Whitby Whitcomb White Whitekettle Whiteley Whitesel Whitmore Whitmyer Whitney Whiton Whitsel Whittaker Whitten Whowalter Wible Wick Wickard Wickersham Wickey Widdowson Widenor Widney Wiehe Wienand Wiest Wiggins Wightman Wike Wiland Wilbert Wilcox Wild Wild Wildasin Wilder Wildt Wileman Wiles Wiley Wilfong Wilhelm Wilkinson Willard Willet Willhide Willi Williams Williamson Willis Willoughby Willow Wills Wilson Wilt Wimer Winegardner Wineland Winey Wingate Wingenroth Wingert Winland Winn Winner Winters Winthrop Winton Wise Wisegarver Wiseman Wister Witherow Witherspoon Witman Witmer Wittel Wittle Wittlinger Wohletz Wohlsen Woleslagle Wolf Wolfe Wolfgang Wolford Wolgemuth Wollaston Wolpert Wolven Womelsdorf Wonders Woodburn Woods Woodward Woofruff Woolridge Woomer Work Worley Wormley Worthy Wothington Wran Wray Wright Wunderlich Wyckoff Wylie Wynn Wysong

Yarbough Yardley Yarnall Yeager Yeagy Yeatter Yeigh Yeisley Yercavage Yetter Yinger Yingling Yingst Yocum Yoder Yohe Yohn Yontz Yorks Yorlets Yorty Yosy Young Youse Yousling Youtz Yovicich

Zagorac Zahn Zahnder Zang Zaring Zartman Zeak Zearfoss Zehner Zeiders Zeigler Zell Zeller Zellners Zendt Zerance Zerbe Zerbe Zercher Zerfing Zettle Zettlemoyer Ziebach Ziegel Zigler Zimmerli Zimmerman Zimmers Zink Zinn Zitch Zogby Zook Zorger Zuckerman Zulli Zullinger Zuna